Suicide Prevention State Plan

Upcoming Webinar: Safe and Effective Messaging for Suicide Prevention

April 7, 12p-1p

Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition hosts quarterly free virtual webinars on suicide in Utah, and how the Utah Suicide Prevention State Plan for 2022–2026 and data can be used in prevention efforts.

Suicide is a leading cause of preventable death in Utah and takes lives without regard to age, income, race, or gender. Established in 2012, the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition is a public-private partnership of community members, suicide survivors, service providers, state and local government officials, researchers, and others dedicated to saving lives and advancing suicide prevention efforts in Utah.

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State Suicide Prevention Program Administrator Allison Foust

This webinar reviews the 2022-2026 state plan, including: 

  • An outline of state level structure to support suicide prevention
  • How to address factors that impact suicide, substance use, violence, and other outcomes
  • How to work toward health equity and inclusion in suicide prevention
  • Specific strategies that the state and local communities and organizations can adopt in order to address these issues in their areas


Dr. Michael Staley, Suicide Prevention Research Coordinator at the Office of the Medical Examiner, and State Suicide Prevention Program Administrator Allison Foust

This webinar covers:

  • Suicide trends in Utah
  • How to obtain suicide data and other public wellness measures through behavioral health indicator systems
  • Prevention planning: using data to inform community efforts
  • Suicide surveillance in Utah: What information and resources exist?


Allison Foust, suicide prevention administrator at the Department of Health and Human Services, and Andrea Hood, Project AWARE program manager for Utah Department of Health and Human Services

This webinar covers:

  • Why safe messaging is crucial in suicide prevention
  • Best practices for images and language to reduce stigma, inspire positive action, and increase hope in your audience
  • Resources available to support safe messaging for: social media, news reporting, stories of recovery, data communications, public health messaging, and communications after a death by suicide