The Power Of Prevention

In Utah, strong values and a focus on family are hallmarks of our way of life. At the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, we work to provide guidance and technical assistance to prevention professionals across our state. These men and women are committed to protecting our youth and families from painful consequences associated with substance abuse, suicide, and other behavioral health problems.

While these issues are complex, cutting-edge research shows that utilizing data-driven coalitions in our local communities is the key to success. Dozens of these coalitions are currently at work, implementing evidence-based programs to reduce risk across our state.

For more information on how to join a coalition in your area, check out our state map to contact your local area prevention professional. In addition, this detailed list of prevention coalitions throughout our state will help you navigate how you can get involved.

Effective Prevention Work requires a data-driven approach to assess levels of risk and protective factors that predict problem behaviors. The SHARP Survey is administered throughout our state and guides our decision making on a state and local level.

Utah has the opportunity to decrease the burden of behavioral health problems on communities by 20% by 2025. You can be part of the solution in your community. Read more about the research, goals, and projected outcomes of this project by reading Unleashing the Power of Prevention.